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All workshop sessions were held in the Chancellor I/II room on the 2nd floor of the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel.

Presentations are linked below and also available in an online folder.

Thursday, November 4
Time Event
11:45-1:15 Buffet Lunch (1st floor Atrium)
1:15-2:45 Workshop Session (Chancellor I/II room, 2nd floor)
  • Jim Basney - Welcome (slides)
  • Ken Klingenstein - Assessing VO Requirements for Authentication and Access Controls (slides)
  • Scott Koranda - LIGO (slides)
  • Panel Discussion - IdM Pain Points
    • What IdM pain do you bring to the workshop?
    • What do you want to take away from the workshop?
2:45-3:15 PM Break (Chancellor I/II foyer, 2nd floor)
3:15-4:15 Workshop Session (Chancellor I/II room, 2nd floor)
  • Tom Barton - CIC InCommon Silver Project (slides)
  • Patricia Kovatch - Two-Factor Authentication at NICS (slides)
  • Rachana Ananthakrishnan - OpenID in ESG (slides)
  • Panel Discussion - Levels of Assurance (LOA)
    • How should a service provider determine what LOA it needs?
    • What LOA can identity providers reasonably deliver?
4:15-4:30 Short Break
4:30-5:30 Workshop Session (Chancellor I/II room, 2nd floor)
  • Scott Cantor - Best Practices for Federated Applications (slides)
  • Rhys Smith - Project Moonshot (slides)
  • Benn Oshrin - COmanage and Federated SSH (slides)
  • Panel Discussion - Federated Applications
    • What can we do to encourage applications and services to support federation with as little pain as possible?

Friday, November 5
Time Event
7:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast (Ballroom I, 2nd floor)
8:30-10:00 Workshop Session (Chancellor I/II room, 2nd floor)
  • Debbie Bucci - NIH (slides)
  • Mike Helm - DOE Science Federation (slides)
  • Milan Sova - TERENA Certificate Service (slides)
  • Jim Basney - NSF CILogon Project (slides)
  • Panel Discussion - Cross-Domain, Cross-Agency, and International Collaborations
    • Is the goal to federate the world? When do we stop and declare success?
10:00-10:30 AM Break (Ballroom I, 2nd floor)
10:30-12:00 Workshop Session (Chancellor I/II room, 2nd floor)
  • Lightning talks (5 minutes each, 30 minutes total)
    • Tom Barton - Project Bamboo (slides)
    • Edwin Skidmore - iPlant (slides)
    • Von Welch - NSF InCommon Roadmap (slides)
    • Valter Nordh - eduGAIN (slides)
    • Mike Helm - Identity@LBNL (slides) and DOE-ICAM (slides)
  • Panel Discussion - Workshop Conclusions (1 hour)